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(IOIOI live at DOM. Moscow, 19 September 2013).

$10 11/27/15 ANALOGPATH021 8 page insert!!
 Cover by Shingo Oe CD-R Limited 100

I O I O I is Cristiana F solo project since 2003.
By devoting all her life to the impossible investigation of the mystery, the italian outsider, bordeline composer and improviser I O I O I let the music pointing to the Source by the means of its own Sonic tension. Since 2003 she has been performing here and there in Europe, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Russia and she occasionally published limited edition works here and there around the world, without any market considerations. Her set is mostly focused on guitar which is explored through spectral approach, electroacustic noise attitude and ethnical suggestions. I O I O I 's guitar is caressed as a meeting of strings, metals and woods, as a possibility for acousmatic openings and personal paths for resonance and expression.

This live work -between spectral improvisation and abstract composition- ideally would love to take forward W. Kandinsky's questions and struggle for arts and spirituality just before the first World War (Composition VII, 1913).
Live electric guitar, basic pedals, objects, bow, tape. *manipulated voice sample from G.Scelsi "Canti del Capricorno"

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