Two new release! Sparkling Wide Pressure & mysterybear

Stream Returner | Sparkling Wide Pressure

1. Opening Channel (12:24) 2. How She Wa¥eaves the Tale (9:02)
3. Serpentine Empires (Where) (10:42)  4. 9Year Fade (14:53)

I was raised in rural Tennessee by the Red River. In the solitude of nature I was able to cultivate my inner world like all children do. As an adult I go back to that well of creative impulse and non judgement for inspiration. I studied visual art in college and met some remarkable people who further guided my development both as a painter and as a musician. I’m most interested in understanding the creative process in all it’s strangeness which is why I enjoy my day job as an art teacher. I’ve been lucky to find a small but supportive audience for my work and I strive to continue growing and evolving with honesty. -Sparkling Wide Pressure/Frank Baugh

$10 / ANALOGPATH016 / Photo card is included / cdr Limited 100

Oscillation | mysterybear

1. Oscillation (35:54)  2. Transpiration (10:32)

Transpiration was made with Csound/blue. Oscillation was made with three Moogerfoogers, two loopers, a DroneLab, and several other devices, and is a single-take performance. More information can be found at mysterybear.net.

$10 / ANALOGPATH017 / cdr Limited 100

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