Over the course of the last two years Analog Path has evolved into one of the more consistent CD-R labels in a format that is constantly figuring out where it stands among other musical mediums, particularly vinyl, digital, and, of course, glass mastered CDs.  For its 14th release, the label looks back to its not so distant past and calls upon Shinobu Nemoto to deliver another set of quiet, creaky loop based compositions.  This time he houses it under his Dark Side of the Audio System moniker where wow and flutter become the predominate instruments after a few cycles elapse and your ears become familiar with the short piano phrases.  "Loop Collections 9" isn’t linear like the “Disintegration Loops" and it doesn’t become more distorted and abstracted with every pass.  Instead each revolution is seemingly new and unphased by what came before it, a fresh life given to downcast material. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia

Thanks Ryan, Experimedia!