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Place & Distance | Cody Yantis

01 Within a Bamboo Box (5:48)
02 With Water (5:19)
03 A Cold Light (5:04)
04 A Memory Mosaic (3:56)
05 Unbuilt (2:41)
06 Of a Piece (4:17)
07 Before Language (5:50)
08 At an Angle (7:70)

All music by Cody Yantis, Recorded in Archuleta County, Colorado (Summer & Fall 2012). Mastered by Sean McCann.
Photograph by Tiffany Clendenin.
$10 / ANALOGPATH011 / Photo inlay printed on traditional Japanese rice paper is included / cdr Limited 100

A Colorado native, c. yantis (b. 1982) has lived in the Pacific Northwest, New York City, and Dublin. Primarily guitar-based, his works also employ various other sources of sound, such as the saxophone and field recordings. The results are often instrumental and free-form, and they tend to reside in those grey-areas where tonal / melodic elements drift toward noise. Experiences and ideas of environment provide consistent motivations as yantis exploressonicallywhat David Teague has called people suiting posture to place. Ultimately yantis strives to realize an idea of landscape as sound. He also writes and works in visual media.

"Place & Distance" is an album of raw fragments. Carefully prepared and recorded, its orchestrated in a way that disguises that this is actually an album of live electronics and improvisation. It is a work of sensitivity, varied and organic. Listening, one feels that much terrain was traversed in the process, and, yet, upon arriving, its as though the sounds have always existed. It is an album of traumatic surprise, in which sounds gather only to quickly, and sometimes violently, break up. Theres an irony in the way in which acoustic sound is dealt with so forcefully and abstractly. This is an album of multiple selves, as though many are improvising all at once, resulting in a kind of Zen dialogue between Yantis and the listener.