Brian Grainger/Venus Wall OUT NOW!

Brian Grainger/Venus Wall

1 Venus Wall (28:30)
2 Cloudsurfer (13:12)
3 Earth Analogs (30:24)

W/P by Brian Grainger.
Recorded at Botany Bay, Spring 2011, with organ, guitar, synth, FX devices and multitrack tape.
Thanks to Tetsuo, David, Shinobu, Sophia.
Copyright 2011 Analogpath and Brian Grainger, all rights reserved. 

Somewhere in the blackness, between you and a strange blue point in the sky, drifts a single, lonesome craft. It lies empty and abandoned, its crew jettisoned long ago in vain hopes for shelter or rescue. What made them leave is unknown and unimportant. The silvery ship's pristine structure remains perfect and preserved, gleaming silently in bluish sadness. These three recordings are the documentation of a signal being broadcast at this vessel, where someday, its internal computer systems might intercept and respond, returning home with an answer. Until then, it shall know no breath, no movement, no interruption, no sound and no soil. Earth is an invisible echo, buried beneath an aching, eternal night.

Brian Grainger / Venus Wall / 03 Earth Analogs by analogpath